Sherrington: 90-year-old ballplayer turned doctor Bobby Brown shares riveting memories

From Kevin Sherrington at the Dallas Morning News on July 18, 2015, with mention of SABR members Paul Rogers and Talmage Boston:

Once Bobby Brown convinced Tulane’s homecoming queen to marry him, he counseled Sara French on selling the proposal to her parents.

“Tell your father I’m a third baseman for the Yankees,” he said.

“Tell your mother I’m in medical school.”

Even though Brown had been the beneficiary of a $50,000 signing bonus, an outrageous sum at the time, a career in medicine promised to be far more lucrative. If he wasn’t playing third base for the Yankees from 1946-54 — including four World Series in which he hit .439, sixth all time — Brown was preparing to become a Fort Worth cardiologist.

Over his 90 years, Brown has lived a life that sparkles in the recounting, as was the case last week in a baseball panel discussion at the Bush Library.

Led by Talmage Boston, a Dallas attorney and author on baseball, the ensemble included Paul Rogers, SMU law professor and author; Dale Petroskey, CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber and former president of the Baseball Hall of Fame; Tom Schieffer, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan and Australia and former president of the Rangers; and a local sportswriter, whose singular contribution came when he turned to the moderator after a Brown anecdote and said, “Talmage, you’ve got four too many people on this panel.”

Fortunately, our presence didn’t dampen Dr. Brown’s enthusiasm.

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Originally published: July 22, 2015. Last Updated: July 22, 2015.