The Bookshelf podcast: Andy Strasberg

From SABR member Ron Kaplan at Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf on March 4, 2012:

The world of baseball fan photography … is the basis of [SABR member] Andy Strasberg’s website,, and the forthcoming book  — Baseball Fantography: A Celebration in Snapshots and Stories from the Fans — based on his work there.

The “mini-coffee table” book — due out in April — is published by Abrams Image, an imprint of Harry N. Abrams, which puts out some very lovely art books, including several on baseball.

Strasberg is the president of All-Star Corporate Marketing Enterprises and previously worked in marketing for the San Diego Padres. In addition to his latest project, he is one of the foremost experts and collectors of memorabilia associated with baseball’s “anthem”: along with Tim Wiles and Robert Thompson, Strasberg co-authored Baseball’s Greatest Hit: The Story of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

I spoke recently about the importance of photography to the fan experience.

Listen to the podcast here:

Related link: Andy Strasberg’s “Fantography” exhibit was on display during the SABR 41 convention in Long Beach. For stories and photos from SABR 41, visit

Originally published: March 6, 2012. Last Updated: March 6, 2012.