Vecsey: Talking about Yogi Berra at SABR 47

From George Vecsey at on June 1, 2017:

I’m proud to be on the program for the national convention of SABR, the invaluable baseball research group, on June 28-July 2, in New York City.

I’ll be on a panel about Yogi Berra – aptly titled “It Aint Over” — with Dave Kaplan, Harvey Araton and Lindsay Berra, the oldest grand-daughter of Yogi and Carmen.

This means I can sit back and listen to Lindsay, a compelling presence who tells lovely stories about Yogi.

Kaplan, who founded the valuable Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, N.J., and my pal Harvey, still writing great stuff in the Times in “retirement,” also knew Yogi well.

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Originally published: June 1, 2017. Last Updated: June 1, 2017.