Yates: Boston is the perfect place to make World Series history with two managers of color

From Clinton Yates at The Undefeated on October 23, 2018:

When the first World Series was played 115 years ago, Puerto Rico had been under U.S. control for less than five years. Naha, Okinawa, was still 18 years away from becoming officially listed as a city. And Tom Yawkey was less than a year old, still decades away from becoming a trust fund baby with the help of his granddad, who almost bought the Detroit Tigers that same year.

The globe was a different place when the American and National leagues first began playing each other, and when José Alexander Cora and David Ray Roberts take the field to manage their respective teams Tuesday, it will not only be the first time that two former teammates face off in the Fall Classic, it will be the first time two managers of color have done so as well. The irony should not be lost on anyone that the series is beginning at Fenway Park, which, because of its address, is perhaps the most perfectly apt place for new ground to be broken in baseball.

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Originally published: October 23, 2018. Last Updated: October 23, 2018.