SABR Local Grants Program

The SABR Local Grants Program delivers mission-focused funding to SABR chapters, research committees, and communities of interest for projects that concentrate on one or more of SABR’s four pillars: Research, Preservation, Scholarship, and Future of the Game. In total, $10,000 in SABR Local Grants will be awarded in 2024!

Click on a link below to learn more about each pillar or to apply for a local grant.

Research Pillar

Research grant submissions should showcase the need for access to tools and/or infrastructure that will facilitate additional research on the game of baseball.

Examples: Creation of a research committee database, digitization of research files/notes, support of a chapter research project. Click here to apply.

Preservation Pillar

Preservation grant submissions should showcase the need to preserve, honor, or commemorate baseball history.

Examples: Grave markers for notable baseball figures, commemorative plaques for historic baseball sites, restoration or maintenance of pre-existing baseball landmarks. Click here to apply.

Scholarship Pillar

Scholarship grant submissions should showcase the ability to share and disseminate baseball research to a broader audience.

Examples: Research committee or regional research symposiums, chapter or research committee websites, tools/resources to activate local Baseball Memories programs. Click here to apply.

Future of the Game Pillar

Future of the Game grant submissions should showcase the ability to engage with high school and/or college students through baseball research.

Examples: Regional or committee-focused award programs, membership marketing efforts, funding for school partnership programs. Click here to apply.

Local Grant Recipients

Future Submissions

All SABR chapters, chartered communities, and research committees are eligible to apply for future Local Grants. If you have an individual idea for a program grant, please follow up with your local chapter leadership or appropriate research committee to discuss an application.

All grant funding will be for one year, and projects in need of multi-year funding will not be considered. Grant funds must be used in 2024; projects in need of funds in 2025 must apply during the next grant cycle.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through the form available on each individual grant page. Submissions are encouraged to include as much detail as possible for the Grants Review Board. Additional details for each grant are available on the individual grant pages.

Click on a link below to learn more about eligibility, post-award reporting, and frequently asked questions.

Eligibility and Post-Award Reporting

All SABR chapters, communities of interest, and research committees are eligible to apply. Each of these groups may submit more than one project for funding. Individual SABR members and non-SABR groups are not eligible.

All grant recipients will be required to provide SABR with proof of grant fulfillment through financial statements and photos. Grant recipients will also need to update SABR headquarters on project progress on a quarterly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

May my group apply for more than one SABR Local Grant?

  • Yes, as long as each grant application is for a different project.

Will SABR headquarters provide my group with additional support?

  • SABR headquarters is available to share best practices and assist with promoting your project upon completion. However, all staffing and implementation for your project should be provided by your SABR group.

Is multi-year funding available?

  • No, SABR Local Grants are designed to fund one-time projects. If ongoing funds are needed, the group is encouraged to design the project to be self-sustaining.

My project fits more than one pillar; how should I apply?

  • Projects that fit more than one pillar should apply under the pillar the SABR Group considers to be most reflective of the project. The grant application form will allow your group to select additional applicable pillars.

What projects will not be considered?

  • Projects that do not reflect any of SABR’s four pillars will not be considered. In addition, projects that exclusively fund another organization or that support lobbying efforts will not be considered.

Will projects that partner with other organizations be considered?

  • Yes. Projects with partner organizations are eligible and are viewed favorably by the Grants Review Board if the partner organization adds value to the project.