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The American Association History Project

This article was written by SABR

At the annual meeting of SABR’s Nineteenth Century Research Committee in 1993 in San Diego, a new long-term committee project was introduced by late SABR founding member Bob McConnell.

McConnell’s goal for The American Association History Project was to produce a book-length history of the 19th-Century American Association (1882-1891), its teams and participating cities.

Initially, a great deal of research was conducted under the direction of Bob McConnell, Bob Bailey and Jonathan Dunkle. By the late 1990s, the project stalled and by 2007-08, the Nineteenth Century Committee decided to halt the project indefinitely. With the recent initiatives of Joanne Hulbert (collecting the research files), Trent McCotter (scanning the files) and Jacob Pomrenke (uploading the files on the SABR website), the files are now available to all SABR members. They are collected on this page for future researchers who might be interested in studying the American Association of 1882-1891.

  • How to view the files: Each link below will allow you to download a folder of between 1-31 PDF files. These files contain scans of raw research notes, clippings, statistics, lists and personal correspondence related to that city’s American Association team(s). Each file includes the name of the SABR member leading the research in that city.
  • Please note: These files may include personal information such as phone numbers, postal addresses or e-mail addresses of active or past SABR members. These files are personal and non-commercial use only. Do not share this information with anyone.

To view the American Association History Project files for a particular city, click on a link below:

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