SABR Baseball Map: Frequently Asked Questions

The Baseball Landmarks Committee invites all baseball fans to enjoy and learn more about the SABR Baseball Map.

SABR Baseball Landmarks Map

(Click on the image above to view the map at

What will I find on the SABR Baseball Map?

  • BALLPARKS – Active Major League, MiLB, Independent Minor League, and Summer Collegiate Leagues (categorized by level)
  • STATUES – Statues, busts, sculptures of players, managers/coaches, broadcasters, owners
  • MARKERS – Historical markers and monuments for people, places, events
  • MURALS – Murals and public art featuring baseball-related themes
  • MUSEUMS – Museums, permanent exhibits, displays dedicated to baseball
  • GRAVES – Select gravesites with GPS coordinates to area of headstone
  • MOVIE LOCATIONS – Distinctive baseball movie filming locations
  • SITES – Miscellaneous roadside attractions and photo opportunities

What won’t I find on the SABR Baseball Map?

  • NOTHING TO SEE – Locations, such as former ballparks, that have no remaining physical structure or marker
  • NO CONNECTION – Parks or ballfields simply named after ballplayers with no additional connection to the location (i.e., played there as a youth) or for which no plaque or statue was dedicated; sites involving people associated with baseball but with no true baseball connection at the site
  • RESTAURANTS – Most restaurants named after or owned by players

How can I use the SABR Baseball Map?

The map can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the computer version for advance trip planning and mapping. 

The tablet/smartphone version will be essential for landmark hunting in the field with the turn-by-turn directions capability through Google Maps.  For a demonstration of the map in action, see video below.

How can I contribute to the Landmarks Committee?

The SABR Baseball Map is a living project that will require periodic updating as new sites are added, old sites are removed, and other landmarks are moved, stolen, or destroyed.  Committee volunteers are always needed to help keep the map as accurate and up to date as possible.

Can I submit a photo to be used for a pop-up box on the SABR Baseball Map?

Yes, as long as you took that photo—we cannot use photos grabbed from the internet or taken by someone else.

The process of adding photos to the map requires that the photo be assigned a web address through Imgur and listed on the backend Google Sheet in a specific format. If you are familiar with Imgur and would like to add photos to the Landmarks Committee account, please email John Racanelli for the password.   

If you are not familiar with Imgur, we are preparing a tutorial that will demonstrate how to add photos to Imgur.

Does the Landmarks Committee have a Blog?

Yes!  An exciting aspect of the Landmarks Committee is our blog, the Hardball Voyager, which can be accessed at

All SABR members are eligible to contribute to the Hardball Voyager with posts that can be as brief as a photo or two of a landmark you visited and a few sentences about your visit; a summer baseball trip travelogue; or an article about significant baseball-related locations that may not necessarily qualify for inclusion on the map.

We are especially looking for contributions that detail your personal connection with a particular ballpark or landmark, such as:

  • Your favorite landmark, how you discovered it and what it means to you
  • Your favorite place to watch baseball and who you like to watch baseball with
  • Your top five (or ten) baseball sites that all baseball fans should visit
  • The baseball landmark closest to you geographically/why did it become a historic landmark
  • The baseball landmark closest to you emotionally or special to people from the area
  • The baseball landmark(s) near you that no one knows about (not even us!)
  • The baseball landmark(s) near you that you would recommend baseball fans see if visiting the area
  • A travelogue and photos from your latest baseball trip
  • Paying your respects at the grave of a ballplayer
  • Experiencing baseball in a far away or unusual location
  • Your experience(s) getting a historical marker placed
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the SABR Baseball Map  

If you have never had anything published by SABR, this is a great opportunity to dip your toe! 

Please send your post and photos to Mark Armour and John Racanelli or contact us with any questions.  

SABR Baseball Map Smart Phone Tips

Too many pins? 

Limit to a geographic area like state or city – just open the menu and click on the  (Search icon) and enter the state or city name in the search bar to find sites in that area

Want to eliminate certain types of sites?   

Open the menu and click on the  (Tool icon), then select “Grouping Tool” from the dropdown menu to choose only those categories of sites to be shown on the map

Want a list of the nine closest sites listed in order of proximity?  Use 

Open the menu and click on the  (Nearest Location icon) and enter your starting point such as landmark, address, or city

Tough to zoom on phone? 

Turn your phone sideways (landscape mode) to access Google zoom buttons

How do I get turn-by-turn directions?

Look for the “Open in Google Navigate” on the pop-up box for the chosen site.  Simply click the link and you will automatically get turn-by-turn directions from your current location to that site through Google Maps (and on your car’s screen if your phone is connected).  NOTE: This feature only works with Google Maps.

Can I see a preview of the area where I am headed?

Yes.  Just hit the “Street View” link on the pop-up box open Google Street View. 

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