The Baseball Iconography Project research committee


Welcome to SABR’s Baseball Iconography Project.

The Baseball Iconography Project is an ongoing effort to produce a history and catalog of artistic depictions of the game in a variety of forms: fine art, photography, sculpture, illustration, caricatures, engraving, lithography.

How the game was born, how it grew, who did what and when and where — these things are the subject of SABR’s other research committees. This new initiative is to gather pictures, wonderful pictures, of baseball’s visual arts. In this we believe the Iconography Project to be distinct from the work of two other committees: Baseball and the Arts, to now largely literary; and Pictorial History, to now concerned with identifications.

The aim of the Iconography Project is not to create a pictorial history of baseball but an imaginary museum or gallery through which we may catalog and see the game’s art in the round. If this research committee is successful in its aim the outcome may be, eventually, a web or print opus that might be termed The Iconography of Baseball.

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