MLB Team Employee Directory Project

This article was written by SABR

The historical database of Major League Baseball team employees is a project of SABR’s Business of Baseball Committee. This initiative offers a new lens into major-league front and back offices, from team owners to ticket sales.

To accomplish this undertaking, we have relied on SABR volunteers to enter data from information sources, principally team media guides. About 150,000 entries have now been added, representing nearly 1,000 team-seasons dating back to the 1930s.

There are still quite a few team-seasons left to add. If you are interested in helping, please contact Dan Levitt.

If you have interest in a particular team or year, we have sources for a number of un-entered seasons that we can provide electronically. If you do have a source with the relevant information and would be willing to enter it into a spreadsheet, that would be terrific as well. We have a sample spreadsheet we can provide showing the information we include and the format we use.

For those using this database for research purposes, please realize that the information included in the database generally represents the information listed in the staff directory section of team media guides. The positions included in this section occasionally differed among teams and changed over the years. Some team-seasons, for example, included scouts; others might have included beat writers.

SABR database guru Sean Lahman converted the data entry into the master database/spreadsheet. A special thanks to the following SABR members who have helped with this project:

Mike Bender, Dennis Bidwell, Cliff Blau, Kurt Blumenau, Ken Carrano, David Cieslinski, David Coyle-Mallocci, Richard Cuicchi, Ray Danner, Dennis Degenhardt, Gabriella Garr, Jerry Gauthier, Stephen Ginader, John Green, Vince Guerrieri, Leslie Heaphy, Sarah Johnson, Shayan Kothari, David Krell, Connor LaVelle, Andrea Long, Matt Mitchell, Paul Moehringer, Mauricio Montenegro, Sven Muencheberg, Bill Nielsen, Andrew Noe, Elena North, Andrew North, Stan Osowiecki, KaSaundra Peterson, Michael Scott, Annie Setten, Karly Siegler, Joe Stockmann, Bruce Thompson, Stew Thornley, Mike Webber, Jim Wohlenhaus.

As we continue to build the database, we will be able to see the evolution of baseball employment over time and also create a record of the individuals who staffed them — a valuable addition to our collective baseball knowledge.