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Wizardry: Baseball’s All-Time Greatest Fielders Revealed
By Michael Humphreys

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Oxford University Press $19.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-19539-776-5
  • Summary: The author uses a new statistic, Defensive Runs Analysis (DRA), to quantify the number of runs that individual fielders save. He also includes lists of single-season DRA ratings for every fielder since 1893.

By Michael Lewis (republished)

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
W.W. Norton & Co. $15.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-393-33839-3
  • Summary: A reissue of the 2003 New York Times bestseller by Michael Lewis to coincide with the release of the 2011 film starring Brad Pitt. Covers the Oakland Athletics’ quest for success under general manager Billy Beane and the search for new baseball insights — using sabermetric analysis on a budget.

Baseball Is …: Defining the National Pastime
Edited by Paul Dickson

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Dover Publications $9.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-486-48209-5
  • Summary: Baseball is a game of many interpretations. This book features hundreds of wisecracking, philosophical, nostalgic and entertaining quips and observations from players, their wives, managers, authors and other observers of the game.

Fenway 1912: The Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway’s Remarkable First Year
By Glenn Stout

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $24.00 (hdcvr) 978-0-547-19562-9
  • Summary: Marking the centennial anniversary of a Boston landmark, “Fenway 1912″ tells the behind-the-scenes story of the beloved ballpark’s tumultuous and glorious first year.

The Deacon and the Schoolmaster: Phillippe and Leever, Pittsburgh’s Great Turn-of-the-Century Pitchers
By Robert Peyton Wiggins

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $35 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-5842-4
  • Summary: In the first decade of the 20th Century, the Pittsburgh Pirates were blessed with two of the most dominant pitchers in their history, Charles “Deacon” Phillippe and Samuel “The Schoolmaster” Leever who helped the Pirates in their annual duels with the Chicago Cubs for dominance of the National League.

DiMaggio’s Yankees: A History of the 1936-1944 Dynasty
By Lew Freedman

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-5906-3
  • Summary: With Babe Ruth gone, the New York Yankees need a new complement to Lou Gehrig. He was Joe DiMaggio and on him the Yankees built a new dynasty.

Roger Connor: Home Run King of 19th Century Baseball
By Roy Kerr

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-5958-2
  • Summary: Roger Connor hit 138 career home runs at a time when others hardly hit any. This is the first full-length biography of the Hall of Famer called “The Babe Ruth of the 1880s.”

The Baseball Film in Postwar America: A Critical Study, 1948-1962
By Ron Briley

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $40 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-6123-3
  • Summary: From the Babe Ruth Story to Mickey Mantle in Safe at Home!, Briley examines baseball films of the postwar era and how they reflected the social concerns, politics and ethos of the times.

Baseball’s Heartland War, 1902-1903: The Western League and American Association vie for Turf, Players and Profits
By Dennis Pajot

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-6337-4
  • Summary: In the years the American League successfully challenged the National League, a similar war broke out in the Midwest, between the Western League and the breakaway challenger which called itself the American Association.

The Rise of Latin American Baseball Leagues, 1947-1961: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela
By Lou Hernandez

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $49.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-6384-8
  • Summary: Hernandez tracks the rise of baseball throughout the Caribbean region and how the leagues that sprung up fostered the development of the Latino players who would become so prominent in the major leagues beginning in the 1960s.

The Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League: A History, 1903-1957
By Richard Beverage

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $40 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-6520-0
  • Summary: Former SABR President Dick Beverage updates his definitive history of the PCL Angels with fresh research and more coverage.

The Greatest Minor League: A History of the Pacific Coast League, 1903-1957
By Dennis Snelling

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $45 (hrdcvr) 978-0-7864-6524-8
  • Summary: From its roots in outlaw baseball to its place as the dominant minor league of the mid-20th Century, Snelling follows the Pacific Coast League through its franchise shifts, great teams and great players.

Peanuts and Crackerjacks: A Baseball Novel
By M.Z. Ribalow

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
McFarland & Co. $25 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-6598-9
  • Summary: A young pitching coach realizes baseball has changed in ways he hadn’t anticipated and must balance tradition and modernity.

Baseball in Petersburg: The Virginia League and Beyond
By Larry C. Toombs

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
The Dietz Press $17.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-87517-139-5
  • Summary: The history of baseball in Petersburg, Virginia, is documented from the Civil War to Hall of Famer Sam Rice, and from the Negro Leagues to today’s incarnation of the Petersburg Generals.

The Bill James Handbook 2012
By Baseball Info Solutions

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
ACTA Sports $24.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-87946-473-8
  • Summary: From longtime SABR member Bill James and Baseball Info Solutions, this handbook includes complete, up-to-date statistics full of analysis, registers, projections and answers on players and teams through the 2011 season.

A Unique Look at Big League Baseball
By Joe Taxiera

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Self-published $39.95 (sftcvr) 978-1-4507-7202-0
  • Summary: This reference book is the culmination of 10 years of personal research. It includes 12 sections on batting, pitching, fielding, postseason performances and awards. To purchase the book, visit

The Giants Win The Series! Headlines and Highlights of 1954
By Mike Getz

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
AuthorHouse $12.00 (sftcvr) 978-1-45672-818-2
  • Summary: Chronicles the 1954 New York Giants from spring training to the end of the World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians.

Garlic Fries and Baseball: The Book
By Ronni Redmond

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
CreateSpace $10.95 (sftcvr) 978-1-4609-3567-5
  • Summary: A compilation of blog essays from the author’s first meeting with Willie Mays in 1958 to the present.

One Home Run
By Art Voellinger

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
iUniverse Inc. $10.95 (sftcvr) 978-1-4620-1066-0
  • Summary: This work of sports fiction from a veteran journalist captures one Indiana player’s journey as he spends a mid-1950s summer with an amateur team in Ashville, Illinois.

Lipman Pike: America’s First Home Run King
By Richard Michelson (illustrations by Zachary Pullen)

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Sleeping Bear Press $16.95 (hdcvr) 978-1-58536-465-7
  • Summary: This children’s book tells the story of a pioneering ballplayer of the late 1860s. The Brooklyn-born Pike was voted off a team from Philadelphia before finding success with another.

Amazing Baseball Heroes: Inspirational Negro League Stories, by Bryan Steverson

Publisher Retail Price ISBN
Tennessee Valley Publishing $29.95 (hdcvr) 978-1-932604-81-8
  • Summary: Profiling twenty Negro Leagues players, including Jackie Robinson, as a reminder of how they handled adversity with flair, grace and a sense of humor.

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