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Here are the SABR Bookshelf listings for Fall 2015.

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A Pennant for the Twin Cities: The 1965 Minnesota Twins
Edited by Gregory H. Wolf

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
SABR $9.99 (ebook) 978-1-9438-1608-8 SABR
  • Summary: A SABR BioProject book that celebrates Minnesota’s first American League champions, led by Killebrew, Oliva, and Versalles, along with biographies of team executives, broadcasters, and a season summary.

Mustaches and Mayhem: Charlie O’s Three-Time Champions: The Oakland Athletics, 1972-74
Edited by Chip Greene

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
SABR $9.99 (ebook) 978-1-9438-1606-4 SABR
  • Summary: A SABR BioProject book that tells the story of the “Swinging” Oakland A’s dynasty of the 1970s, with biographies of every player, coach, executive, and even the mule!

Lady Moguls: A History of Women Who Have Owned Major League Baseball Teams
By William A. Cook

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Sunbury Press $16.95 (sftcvr) 978-1-6200-6636-2 Amazon
  • Summary: The first organized women’s baseball team was started in 1866, but only a handful of women have made it to the top as owners of major-league teams. This book covers the stories of executives from Helene Britton to Effa Manley to Marge Schott.

Tim Keefe: A Biography of the Hall of Fame Pitcher and Player-Rights Advocate
By Charlie Bevis

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9665-5 Amazon
  • Summary: The first biography of a Hall of Fame pitcher who won 342 games in his career and was an advocate for players’ rights and later a sporting-goods executive.

Death at the Ballpark: More Than 2,000 Game-Related Fatalities of Players, Other Personnel and Spectators in Amateur and Professional Baseball, 1862-2014
By Robert M. Gorman and David Weeks

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $39.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9320-0 Amazon
  • Summary: An updated second edition of the award-winning and exhaustive reference for 150 years of baseball-related deaths, on and off the field.

College Mathematics Through Baseball
By Fred Worth

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9776-8 Amazon
  • Summary: A resource for educators on how to use baseball to teach college-level mathematics, including geometry, modeling, probability, and of course, statistics.

The Pirates Unraveled: Pittsburgh’s 1926 Season
By Angelo J. Louisa

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-7070-9 Amazon
  • Summary: The Pirates could have won three consecutive NL pennants in 1925-27 if not for a tumultuous third-place season marred by the “ABC Affair” that ensnared Hall of Fame manager Fred Clarke.

Stan Musial: Baseball Hero
By James N. Giglio

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Truman State University Press $32.00 (hdcvr) 978-1-6124-8151-7 Amazon
  • Summary: Part of the “Notable Missourians” series for young readers, this illustrated 48-page biography of Hall of Famer Stan Musial covers his life and career.

Iowa Baseball Greats: Sixteen Major Leaguers Who Were in the Game for Life
By Don Doxsie

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9894-9 Amazon
  • Summary: The state of Iowa has produced more than 200 major-league players, including six Hall of Famers. This book profiles 16 of Iowa’s native sons, from Cap Anson to Casey Blake.

The Betrayal: The 1919 World Series and the Birth of Modern Baseball
By Charles Fountain

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Oxford University Press $27.95 (hdcvr) 978-0-1997-9513-0 Amazon
  • Summary: A retelling of baseball’s biggest scandal focusing on the events leading up to the 1919 World Series fix and the reform era under Judge Landis that followed.

Our Bums: The Brooklyn Dodgers in History, Memory and Popular Culture
By David Krell

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-7799-9 Amazon
  • Summary: An exploration of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ impact on popular culture that draws on contemporary press accounts and fan interviews.

Playing First: Early Baseball Lives at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery
By Thomas W. Gilbert

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
The Green-Wood Cemetery $30.00 (sftcvr) 978-0-9663-4354-0
  • Summary: The story of the many 19th-century baseball pioneers who are buried at Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery, including Henry Chadwick and James Creighton.

The Flannel Past
By Matt Dahlgren

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Createspace $14.00 (sftcvr) 978-1-5119-6000-7 Amazon
  • Summary: A novel about a teenager’s reunion in Cooperstown with his estranged grandfather that helps answer a question the old man has been searching for most of his life.

The Voices of Baseball: The Game’s Greatest Broadcasters Reflect on America’s Pastime
By Kirk McKnight

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Rowman & Littlefield $38.00 (hdcvr) 978-1-4422-4447-4 Amazon
  • Summary: An in-depth look at each of the 30 major-league ballparks from the perspectives of baseball’s longest-tenured broadcasters.

Pudge: The Biography of Carlton Fisk
By Doug Wilson

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Thomas Dunne Books $26.99 (sftcvr) 978-1-2500-6543-8 Amazon
  • Summary: The first biography of the Hall of Fame catcher and New England icon who is beloved by fans of two franchises.

The Pine Tar Game: The Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees, and Baseball’s Most Absurd and Entertaining Controversy
By Filip Bondy

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Scribner $25.00 (hdcvr) 978-1-4767-7717-7 Amazon
  • Summary: The story of one of baseball’s wackiest games from a longtime New York sportswriter who covered it.

The Making of Major League: A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy
By Jonathan Knight

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Gray & Co. $11.75 (sftcvr) 978-1-9384-4164-6 Amazon
  • Summary: The inside story of a classic baseball comedy film, featuring rare photos, storyboard illustrations and script excerpts.

Hardball Retrospective: Evaluating Scouting and Development Outcomes for the Modern-Era Franchises
By Derek Bain

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Createspace $19.99 (sftcvr) 978-1-5087-9099-0 Amazon
  • Summary: Using advanced metrics, the author studies the performance of each MLB franchise’s “original” players — players scouted or drafted by the organization.

The Golden Era of Major League Baseball: A Time of Transition and Integration
By Bryan Soderholm-Difatte

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Rowman & Littlefield $38.00 (sftcvr) 978-1-4422-5221-9 Amazon
  • Summary: The author explores the momentous changes in baseball from Jackie Robinson’s debut in 1947 to the last pre-expansion season in 1960.

Of Tribes and Tribulations: The Early Decades of the Cleveland Indians
By James E. Odenkirk

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $35.00 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-7983-2 Amazon
  • Summary: A meticulously researched history of the Cleveland Indians’ first five decades, from their minor-league origins at the end of the 19th century to the dismantling of the 1954 World Series club.

Clem Labine: “Always A Dodger”
By Richard Elliott

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Page Publishing $12.95 (sftcvr) 978-1-6813-9614-9 Amazon
  • Summary: Labine, a Rhode Island native, was a valuable member of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ bullpen in the 1950s; this biography tells his story for the first time.

Gehrig: Game by Game
By Kevin Larkin

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
Troy Book Makers $32.99 (sftcvr) 978-1-6146-8287-5 Amazon
  • Summary: A game-by-game chronology of Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig’s major-league career.

In Cobb’s Shadow: The Hall of Fame Careers of Sam Crawford, Harry Heilmann and Heinie Manush
By Dan D’Addona

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $29.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9716-4 Amazon
  • Summary: A triple biography of Detroit Tigers Hall of Famers Sam Crawford, Harry Heilmann, and Heinie Manush.

Indiana-Born Major League Baseball Players: A Biographical Dictionary, 1871-2014
By Pete Cava

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $39.95 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-9901-4 Amazon
  • Summary: A look at all 364 major-league players born in the Hoosier State, including 10 Hall of Fame inductees.

The Hunt for a Reds October: Cincinnati in 1990
By Charles F. Faber and Zachariah Webb

Publisher Retail Price ISBN Buy it
McFarland & Co. $35.00 (sftcvr) 978-0-7864-7951-1 Amazon
  • Summary: The story of Cincinnati’s most recent World Series championship, the Reds’ surprising sweep over the Oakland A’s in 1990.

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