Robert H. Schaefer

At the time of his retirement from the Grumman Aerospace Corporation in 1993 Mr. Schaefer was an engineering specialty manager on the Space Station Freedom program. During his 40 year involvement in the aerospace industry Mr. Schaefer experiences ranged from participating in hands-on launch pad operations of a variety of missiles and rockets, the development of flight crew procedures the astronauts employed to conduct the Lunar mission and the integration of engineering design requirements for the Space Station Freedom.

He has been a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) since 1995. Mr. Schaefer is the vice president of both the Wade Boggs regional chapter of SABR (Tampa/St. Peterburg area) and the Elden Auker/Andy Seminick regional chapter of SABR (central Florida).

Over the past several years Mr. Schaefer has conducted an extensive study of the phenomena of hitting .400. This investigation has addressed all aspects of the game, but has emphasized the evolution of baseball equipment: bats, ball design and construction, and gloves. He has published his many findings in several national journals and delivered 35 mm slide based lectures to thousands of baseball fans at Elderhostel seminars, The Ted Williams Museum, and several SABR national conventions as well as numerous regional SABR meetings.

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