Andrea Long

Andrea Long is a native and lifelong resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. She fell in love with baseball as a teenager during the 1980s, thanks to her hometown minor league team, the Charlotte O’s. She is devoted to the modern-day incarnation of the O’s, the Charlotte Knights, as well as to the Philadelphia Phillies. Andrea joined SABR in 2016 and quickly discovered the BioProject, which gave her the opportunity to write the biography of her idol, Bo Díaz. Her stories, “A Star in the Face of the Sky” and “The One Constant Through All the Years” appear in the first and second volumes of Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of Baseball Arts. She is the editor of the BioProject newsletter, “High and Inside,” and welcomes your ideas and contributions. She’d love for you to follow the BioProject on Facebook and Twitter.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Andrea Long

  • Bo Díaz

SABR Games Project stories written by Andrea Long

  • April 13, 1983: Baudilio el Último: Phillies’ Bo Díaz hits an ultimate grand slam

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