Mark Souder

Mark Souder is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, which he represented in the United States Congress for 16 years. Now mostly retired, in addition to doing political commentary in Indiana media, he has been working on a multi-year project on the history of baseball & politics. His writings for SABR have included articles in the 2015 Chicago edition of The National Pastime and in the 2016 book Boston’s First Nine. He also presented on early baseball and politics in Washington and New York at the 2015 and 2016 Nineteenth Century Baseball Conferences (FRED) in Cooperstown. His interest in the interaction between baseball & politics was stimulated by his participation as a lead questioner in Congressional Steroid Hearings. His version of a perfect day was celebrating his 50th birthday in the Chicago White Sox co-owner’s suite and having his name appear on the scoreboard, all while raising money for his campaign and watching baseball.

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