Tom Cuggino

Tom Cuggino is a native of Bronxville, New York and currently lives in Wheaton, Illinois where he works as a financial controller for Cisco Systems and enjoys an active family life with his wife and three daughters. He is an avid consumer of New York and Chicago sports history, particularly that of the Yankees and Cubs, as well as rivalries, ballparks and their influence on cities, the Pacific Coast League, and Latin America’s impact on baseball. In addition to authoring Dmitri Young’s biography for the SABR BioProject, Tom also contributed an article on the 2014 Winter Meetings for SABR’s recent publication of Baseball’s Business: The Winter Meetings, 1958-2016 (Volume Two), and on the great Met comeback known as “The Steve Henderson Game,” as part of the SABR Baseball Games Project. He looks forward simply to more balls being put in play again someday, and to the unlikely understanding of the rationale by which a team chooses its home  eld dugout.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Tom Cuggino

  • Dmitri Young

SABR Games Project stories written by Tom Cuggino

  • April 11, 1990: Mike Norris makes a comeback against all odds
  • June 14, 1980: The Steve Henderson Game

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SABR Research Articles written by Tom Cuggino 

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