William G. Nicholson

W.G. Nicholson is a retired independent school administrator and teacher who has published over 50 articles, edited two books, and written two others. He lives in Osterville, Massachusetts.


SABR BioProject biographies written by William G. Nicholson

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SABR Games Project stories written by William G. Nicholson

  • July 6, 1945: Tommy Holmes’s greatest day and greatest season

SABR Journal Articles written by William G. Nicholson

  • TV ‘Good Guy’ Garagiola Downplays Diamond Career
  • Dramatic 1964 Nosedive in Retrospect: Explosive Weekend by Joe Torre Destroyed Pennant-Bound Phillies
  • Three Dimensional Baseball
  • Bleacher Bums of Yesteryear
  • Tommy Holmes’ 37-Game Hitting Streak

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SABR Research Articles written by William G. Nicholson 

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