Inserting hyperlinks for SABR articles

SABR authors, we ask for your help in enhancing your articles as they appear on the SABR website and making them more interactive for future readers. We would like for you to use Microsoft Word's hyperlink function to link to SABR biographies the first time a player's name appears in your article. This is a quick and easy addition to your story that allows readers to connect to stories of other players at the tap of a key. Readers have commented favorably on it.

Linking to a player's BioProject page should be done for all names mentioned in a biography, even if a bio has not been written for that person yet. All retired MLB players have a dedicated page on the BioProject site, along with many executives, managers, scouts, umpires, and minor-league players. One reason to link to unwritten biographies is that it saves future writers and editors from having to go back into the story and add links once the bio is published. Another is that even the “stub” pages have useful links to other reference sites.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add links to your stories in Microsoft Word. (If you have volunteered to help add links on the website, scroll down to find instructions on how to add links at Click on any image to enlarge.


1. Find the player's BioProject page

Use the SABR BioProject search tool ( and enter the name of the player to whom you wish to add a link.


2. Copy the link address

If you use Google Chrome, right-clicking on the chosen name will save you a step. (Mac users can hold down the Control button and then click the mouse to pull up the menu.) Then click on the Copy Link Address item. Otherwise, you can open up the window and copy the URL.

If the player has a common name (like Bob Johnson), you may need to open up a few listings to determine which is the right page to which you should link.


3. Add the link to the story

Highlight the name in your document.


Go to the Insert menu in Word and choose the command Hyperlink.


Then paste the link address into the Address box.


Voilà! The plain text has been converted into a working hyperlink.

If you have any questions, you can Contact the Editors for more information. Click here to go back to the BioProject Resources page.



How to add links to a SABR biography on the website

If you have volunteered to help enhance our biographies by adding links to player pages, here's how to add them directly through the SABR website. If you have not been given permission to edit biographies on the website, please Contact the Editors.


1. Open up the "Edit" mode on the biography page

Find the SABR biography that you wish to edit. You will see two tabs near the top, "View" and "Edit." Click on the "Edit" tab to open up the editing mode.

2. Find the link to a player's biography page

Use the BioProject search function (see steps 1 and 2 at the top of this page) to find the link to a player's biography page. Click on "Copy link address" to copy the link.


3. Highlight the player's name that you wish to link

In the Body field of the article you're editing, highlight with your mouse the name of the player you wish to link. Then click the "Insert Link" icon (which looks like a chain-link) at the top.

4. In the "Insert Link" window, paste the URL of the link to that player's biography

After you have pasted the link in the "Link URL" field, then click the "Insert" button at the bottom to save your work.


5. The player's name should now be highlighted with a link to his biography page.

Repeat these steps to add links to each player's biography page and then click "Save" at the bottom when you are finished. You only need to add a link the first time that a player's name is mentioned, not on later references.


If you have any questions, you can Contact the Editors for more information. Click here to go back to the BioProject Resources page.