SABR 39 research presentations

Where available, click on a link below to download PowerPoint slides from the research presentations given at SABR 39 in 2009 in Washington, D.C.:

RP1: Forfeit: The Final Game of the Washington Senators
Rick Schabowski

RP2: Stadium Construction and Fan Attendance for Minor League Baseball
Seth Gitter, Thomas Rhoads

RP3: Senators’ Hitting Streaks, and Their Contributions to Pennants in 1924 and 1933
Steve Krevisky

RP5: 21*
Tim Herlich

RP6: The Whole Show: George Wilson 1875-1915
Todd Peterson

RP7: The Big Train vs. The Big Bambino: Walter Johnson Against Babe Ruth
Eric Weiss

RP8: Baseball’s Lost Generation: The Profound Effect of the Great Depression on Baseball in the 1960s
Anthony Giacalone

RP9: Frank Howard in 1969: Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks to Get on Base?
Steve Walker

RP10: Pull Up a Chair: Vin Scully’s Niche In Baseball History
Curt Smith

RP11: How Does the Quality of a Team’s Defense Impact Pitching Usage?
Vince Gennaro

RP12: Mis-Management 101: The American League Expansion of 1961
Andy McCue

RP13: Closers, Setup Men, and LOOGYs: The Evolution of the Modern Bullpen, 1960-2008
Mike Emeigh

RP14: Baseball's First Expansion Draft
Eric Thompson

RP15: Does Running the Bases Harm Pitching Performance?
David W. Smith

RP16: Doubled Up: The Mysterious Illness that Almost Ended George Sisler’s Hall-of-Fame Career
Jim Provenzale, Rick Huhn, David Goss

RP17: Strategy, Fatigue, or Something Else?
Patrick Kilgo, et al

RP18: Rickey Being Rickey: Branch Rickey’s 1948 Wilberforce Speech, An Ironic Waterloo
Lee Lowenfish

RP19: Perfect: Don Larsen’s Miraculous World Series Game and the Men Who Made It Happen
Lew Paper

RP20: A Framework for Analysis to Evaluate Managers: Indicators of a Manager’s Impact
Bryan Soderholm-Difatte

RP21: The Value Production Standings: 1946-2008
Steve Treder

RP22: The Baseball Philosophy of Charles Comiskey
Chris Jaffe

RP23: Do Players Try Harder When a Big Goal is in Sight?
Phil Birnbaum

RP24: “Then from 5,000 throats and more there rose a lusty yell:” Baseball and Electroacoustic Technology
Alex Kupfer

RP25: The Green and the Blue: The Irish-American Umpire, 1880 to 1965
David Fleitz

RP26: Once and For All: “Who’s On First?”
Ray Zardetto

RP27: A Tale of Two Umpires
Mark Armour

RP28: Deadball and the Silent Filmmaker
Jill Singleton

RP29: What Do Rock/Paper/Scissors and Baseball Have in Common?
Mark Pankin

RP30: Baseball and the Automobile: An American Love Affair
Ed Mayo, William M. Anderson, Dobb Mayo

RP31: AggPro: Aggregate Projection System
Ross Gore, Cameron Snapp

RP32: Extra Innings: One of Baseball’s Favorite Features
Zak Hudak

RP33: Dominican Connection
George Gedda

RP34: “I’ll Go When They Collar Me”: Athletic Heroes, Citizen-Soldiers, and the Press Coverage of Hank Greenberg
Jacob Baska

RP35: Baseball’s Global Trend and Emergence in China
Ryan Hutzler

RP36: The Promotion of Baseball Players in a Global Market
Jennifer McGovern

RP38: Cal and Bill Ripken: It's Not What You Think
Bill Haelig

RP39: Henry P. Edwards: Making a Case for His Induction into J.G. Taylor Spink’s Writers Wing of the Hall
Jim Odenkirk

RP40: Winning Percentage Contribution: Extending the Reach of Wins Probability Added
David Shplgler

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