April 21, 1955: Dodgers flex their dominance in record-setting victory

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Black did not survive the year, pitching in six games in relief. On June 9 he was sold to the Cincinnati Redlegs.33 Black noted, “I just couldn’t get anybody out.”34

Immediately at game’s end, O’Malley said he would give “suitable mementos” to each of the 3,872 fans who showed up at Ebbets Field to watch the club set its record.”35 Each fan who “showed loyalty” could claim their reward by mailing their ticket stubs to the Dodgers’ offices at 215 Montague Street, Brooklyn, 1.36

The Phillies finished the season fourth 77-77, 21½ games behind the Dodgers. A decent second half helped Smith to finish second in the NL Manager of the Year voting behind Alston.37

The streak ended in the next evening at home when the Giants beat the Dodgers, 5-4. The Dodgers ended the month 14-2 and in first place with a 4½-game lead, never relinquishing the top spot since the third game of the season on April 15. Finishing the season 98-55 with second-place Milwaukee 13½ games behind, Brooklyn defeated the Yankees in seven games for their first World Series title. O’Malley was ebullient: “We kind of like that title, world champions.”38



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Brooklyn Dodgers 14
Philadelphia Phillies 4

Ebbets Field 
Brooklyn, NY


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