1947 Brooklyn Dodgers book wins 2013 Ron Gabriel Award

SABR is pleased to announce that The Team that Forever Changed Baseball and America: The 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers, edited by Lyle Spatz, has been selected as the winner of the Ron Gabriel Award in 2013.

The 1947 Dodgers book, published by University of Nebraska Press as part of its Memorable Teams in Baseball History series with SABR, was chosen by the Ron Gabriel Award Committee, chaired by Stephanie Liscio.

Spatz, whose book Dixie Walker: A Life in Baseball (McFarland & Co.) won the inaugural Ron Gabriel Award in 2012, will be formally honored at the SABR 43 convention in Philadelphia.

The Memorable Teams series, written by SABR members as part of the Baseball Biography Project, focuses on iconic teams with an unquestionable legacy in baseball history. Each book collects essays detailing the players, moments and games that define these teams.

You can order the 1947 Dodgers book from the University of Nebraska Press website or from the SABR Bookstore. For a complete list of biographies included in the 1947 Dodgers book, click here.

The Ron Gabriel Award annually honors the author(s) of the best research, published or unpublished, on the subject of the Brooklyn Dodgers completed during the preceding calendar year. Eligible works include but are not limited to magazine and journal articles, previously unpublished chapters or articles in anthologies or other books with multiple authors, unpublished research papers, written versions of oral presentations, books, databases and websites.

Ron Gabriel (1941-2009), a native of Brooklyn, New York, and longtime resident of Bethesda, Maryland, was a former Vice President of SABR and instrumental in establishing the Bob Davids Chapter, which serves the Washington-Baltimore region. He was founder and president of the Brooklyn Dodger Fan Club, and a charter elected member of the Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame. Gabriel, who earned his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from American University, was a retired U.S. Government executive, having served with the Postal Service Management Institute, the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration.


Originally published: July 1, 2013. Last Updated: July 1, 2013.