2024 SABR Baseball Research Awards: Rob Fitts, Edwin C. Epps, and Roy Carlson

2024 SABR Baseball Research Award winners announced

2024 SABR Baseball Research Awards: Rob Fitts, Edwin C. Epps, and Roy Carlson

The 2024 SABR Baseball Research Awards, which honor outstanding research projects completed during the preceding calendar year that have significantly expanded our knowledge or understanding of baseball, have been awarded to:

Fitts is a four-time winner of the SABR Baseball Research Award — including in 2023 for Volume 1 of Nichibei Yakyu — the founder of SABR’s Asian Baseball Committee, and the author of seven books on Japanese baseball. Nowlin is the author or editor of dozens of baseball books, primarily on the Boston Red Sox, and a longtime SABR Director. Forr is an award-winning author and he has presented at the Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference and Frederick Ivor-Campbell 19th Century Conference.

Epps is a retired educator and former Lead Instructor in South Carolina’s Program for Alternative Certification of Educators (PACE) for teachers entering the classroom from the worlds of business and industry. He has published widely in the education press and as an occasional poet. 

Carlson has been a Topps collector since 1969, specializing in original production material. He lives near Chicago and is a long-time operations employee at the Chicago Tribune.

The SABR Baseball Research Award is designed to honor projects that do not fit the criteria for the Seymour Medal or the McFarland-SABR Baseball Research Award. The selection committee included Pete Cottrell (chair), Mike Bates, Bill Pearch, and Rich Arpi.

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Originally published: April 3, 2024. Last Updated: April 3, 2024.