SABR Editorial Board seeks new baseball research project proposals

SABR logoFor the past 50 years, SABR’s mission has always been to publish and promote member research. That research has taken many forms, from the early days of committee newsletters and pamphlets to today’s collaborative model of printed and electronic books, themed research journals, and multimedia web projects.

Since the SABR Digital Library program was established in 2011, SABR has published nearly 100 original books, averaging nearly one book per month in recent years. It has become clear that members will always have more ideas and more research than we can keep up with publishing in our current model. Committees, chapters, and members are working on more projects now than at any other time in SABR’s history. The website, with a growing audience of nearly 3 million annual visitors, affords members even more opportunities to publish their work online and take advantage of digital publishing technologies.

SABR’s Editorial Board — which includes Scott Bush, Dirk Lammers, Bill Nowlin, Jacob Pomrenke, Cecilia Tan, Marlene Vogelsang, and Sarah Wexler — was established in 2020 to evaluate proposals for publication. The Board welcomes new project proposals from members to be considered for publication through the Digital Library,, or any other multimedia formats. We strongly encourage new proposals that have no intention of being published as a book.

Proposals will be graded using the following criteria: Significance, Interest, Marketability, Intersectionality, Originality, and Likelihood of Completion.

SABR seeks to publish 2-4 web-based multimedia projects (click here for an example) and 6-8 books per year. Book projects should be of a scope that can fit in a single volume, typically between 100,000 and 200,000 total words.

Two sample project proposals can be downloaded by clicking here. Previously published web projects can be viewed at or

Deadlines for review are April and October, with a likely publication timeline of about 18-24 months. For example, a proposal submitted by April 1, 2024, would be considered for publication in Fall 2025, although some timely projects may be published earlier.

For questions about the submission process, please contact SABR Publications Director Cecilia Tan at

Originally published: February 24, 2024. Last Updated: March 4, 2024.