Save the date: SABR Analytics Conference, March 7-9, 2013

After a very successful inaugural SABR Analytics Conference this spring, SABR is pleased to announce that next year’s SABR Analytics Conference will be held March 7-9, 2013 in the Phoenix area.

This conference will once again feature industry insiders from the baseball community, data innovators, thought leaders, members of the media and college students who will participate in the popular Case Competition.

We are very pleased to say that we received a tremendous response from last year’s conference. Here are some remarks:

  • Doug Melvin, Executive VP/General Manager, Milwaukee Brewers: “It was a good group of passionate baseball people. The analytics and SABR people stimulated great conversation, and that’s what makes our game so much fun.”
  • A.J. Hinch, VP/Assistant GM, San Diego Padres: “It was a great event of good people with great perspectives from every angle of the game. SABR provided a great forum for all involved to learn from each other and continue to grow the game.”
  • Dick Cramer, sabermetrics pioneer: “What impressed me most of all is that there wasn’t any single high event; it was high quality uniformly throughout the event. I can’t remember a meeting of this high quality. I just have to congratulate SABR for how outstanding this particular event was.”
  • John Dewan, Baseball Info Solutions: “You had the one-on-one with the owner, you had GMs, you had scouts, you had professionals in the industry, you had research, you had the Case Competition. I can’t imagine what you could do to make it better. It’s going to be an annual event for the rest of my life.”
  • Jay Jaffe, Baseball Prospectus: “It was so much better than I even imagined. It really imbued in me a sense of what it means to have the opportunity to be on a show like ‘Clubhouse Confidential’, where sabermetrics has come from, where it’s going, and to get a chance to hear from titans like John Dewan and John Thorn and Richard Cramer. This was a great idea and it is something that will turn out to be really even more popular in the years to come.”

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Originally published: May 4, 2012. Last Updated: May 4, 2012.