SABR members have always been a generous group, even when not asked! SABR began an annual campaign to solicit donations from members during the 1993-1994 renewal drive. That first campaign raised just over $5,000.

Friends of SABR: To learn more about SABR's donor program to help support or preserve invaluable baseball research, visit or contact Ben Rose.

Every year since then SABR members and friends have increased their giving. In the 2000 renewal season, 381 members contributed over $15,000 for SABR’s General Fund, Research Committees, Development Fund and for the purchase of microfilm. In 2001, over 600 members stepped up to the plate to donate over $28,000 — a fine increase over the previous year. In 2003, Dan Ginsburg and Paul Hirsch established the Society’s formal donor program, for annual giving, and the Legacy Circle, a means for members to include SABR in their estate planning. Within a few years, annual member donations increased dramatically. The 2010 year was the sixth consecutive year of $50,000 in gifts to the Society, helping to carry on SABR’s mission. Our 2017 fund-raising drive surpassed $75,000 for the first time.

You can become a Friend of SABR at by giving as little as $10 per month or by making a one-time gift of $100 or more. When you do so, you will be inducted into a community of passionate baseball fans dedicated to supporting SABR’s work.


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