Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall is an Electrical Engineering Technologist living in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and a longtime researcher in various fields including entomology, power electronic engineering, NFL, Canadian Football and MLB. Brian has written many articles, winning awards for two of them, and two books in his 60 years with two baseball books on the way — one on the 1927 New York Yankees and the other on the 1897 Baltimore Orioles. Brian has been a SABR member since 2013 and is a longtime member of the PFRA. Growing up Brian played many sports including football, rugby, hockey, baseball along with participating in power lifting and arm wrestling events, and aspired to be a professional football player but when that didn’t materialize he focused on Rugby Union and played off and on for 17 seasons in the “front row.”


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  • Maris and Ruth: Was the Season Games Differential the Primary Issue?
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  • Was Willie Keeler the First to Record Four 5-Hit Games in a Season During the 19th Century?
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  • Catcher Duke Farrell’s Record Performance: Game Notes from May 11, 1897
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  • Notes Related to Cy Young’s First No-Hitter
  • Larry Twitchell’s Big Day
  • The Three, or Was It Two, .400 Hitters of 1922

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