Jeff Laing

Jeffrey Michael Laing (1948-2018) was the author of Bud Fowler: Baseball’s First Black Professional (2013), The Haymakers, Unions and Trojans of Troy, New York: Big-Time Baseball in the Collar City, 1860-1883 (2015), and more than 100 other articles on sports, arts and culture, and pedagogy. A SABR member since 1994, Laing taught English for 40 years in New York and New Mexico, where he lived in Santa Fe with Jacqueline, his wife of 48 years. He was a graduate of La Salle Institute in Troy, New York; Siena College in Loudonville, New York; and received his Ph.D. in Literature from the State University of New York at Albany. After beginning his teaching career in 1972, he and Jacqueline moved to Santa Fe in 1982 where he taught at a number of high schools and colleges in central and northern New Mexico. He taught for a year in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange and for a year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland as a visiting professor. 


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