Terry Bohn

Terry Bohn is proud to be one of the original members of the Halsey Hall Minnesota SABR chapter. He is a member of SABR’s Minor Leagues and Nineteenth Century Committees. Terry has made presentations at regional meetings, has been published in the 1996 Baseball Research Journal, and has authored biographies for the SABR Biography Project. His interests and areas of research include early baseball in North Dakota and prominent players who have played in the state. He works as a hospital administrator in Bismarck, North Dakota.

SABR BioProject biographies written by Terry Bohn

  • Dad Clarke
  • Dee Moore
  • Dewey Williams
  • Doc Miller
  • Ed Hanyzewski
  • Ed Wheeler
  • Elmer Leifer
  • Ernie Burch
  • Floyd Stromme
  • Frank Jude
  • Frank Naleway
  • Frank Stewart
  • Frank Thompson
  • Fred Carisch
  • George Crosby

SABR Games Project stories written by Terry Bohn

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SABR Journal Articles written by Terry Bohn

SABR Research Topics written by Terry Bohn 

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SABR Research Articles written by Terry Bohn 

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SABR Ballparks written by Terry Bohn 

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