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Willie Mays: Five Tools, edited by Bill Nowlin and Glen Sparks
Yankee Stadium 1923-2008: America's First Modern Ballpark, edited by Tara Krieger and Bill Nowlin
Nichibei Yakyu: US Tours of Japan, 1907-1958 (Volume 1)
¡Arriba! The Heroic Life of Roberto Clemente, edited by Bill Nowlin and Glen Sparks
Jackie: Perspectives on 42
The Miracle Has Landed: The Amazin' Story of How the 1969 Mets Shocked the World
The Team That Couldn't Hit: The 1972 Texas Rangers, edited by Steve West and Bill Nowlin
The Babe book cover
Time for Expansion Baseball
The SABR Book of Umpires and Umpiring (2017)