How to Do Baseball Research: Resources

The lists of resources in this section are applicable to a wide range of projects regardless of your topic or the sources you will be using.

  • Baseball print periodicals: Explains which current and past periodicals may be useful in different fields of baseball research, and where they may be found online, in archives or in libraries.
  • Baseball reference books: Highlights the valuable aspects of a number of baseball reference books.
  • Statistical databases and websites: Thoroughly compares and contrasts a number of ways to view statistics online or download statistical databases for research use.
  • Sources for images: Lists and describes ways to find images for publication use. Contains primarily online sources, but covers some sources and indexes of physical prints and reproductions as well.
  • Online newspapers: Describes and  categorizes newspapers available online, highlighting those with significant baseball content. Also contains links to archives that contain multiple newspapers.
  • SABR research committees: Includes links to every online resource of every committee in SABR.


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