SABR 41: Boras Keynote Speech Focuses on Data, Psychology

LIVE FROM LONG BEACH — Scott Boras, baseball’s most high-profile agent, emphasized the importance of assimilating data and using psychological methods to help a player’s development in his keynote speech Thursday morning at the SABR 41 national convention.

“We had an opportunity to provide to the players of the game the most insightful info we could give them to allow them to succeed and evolve,” Boras said.

“There is a corporate mind-set in the (baseball) business that is focused on the bottom line. A lot of athletes are left without a lot of information. All that information, assimilated together, allows an informed athlete to be a better player.”

in 1982, Boras said, No. 1 draft pick Shawon Dunston signed for the same amount of money that Rick Monday signed for as the No. 1 pick in 1965.

“Something told me this is not an institution that’s treating players appropriately,” Boras said. “We’re hurting the game.”

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Boras also focused on his company’s emphasis on player psychology. He said his association with Harvey Dorfman “has allowed us to be most effective at what we do for our clients.” Dorfman is the author of the influential book, “The Mental Game of Baseball”.

“The important thing for players to realize is not their most recent performance, but how to maintain their skills and health as they age,” he said. “Players need to be protected from themselves. Most players won’t be major league stars and they need to be educated about the risks.”


Check out a portion of our exclusive interview with Boras after his speech:

Originally published: July 7, 2011. Last Updated: October 22, 2020.