BioProject Group Projects

The Baseball Biography Project encourages and supports team or region-based group projects (or whatever groupings you might think of). For a list of all SABR Digital Library publications, visit

If you have an idea for a project featuring your team, your part of the world, your area of interest – please contact Bill Nowlin at

Books already published

There have been 44 projects which have been completed and published. Click on a link below to read all bios from that book.

All of these projects resulted in books, which can be ordered in our SABR Bookstore or at We publish a handful of books every year through the SABR Digital Library.


Upcoming group projects

If you are interested in contributing to these group projects as a writer, editor, fact-checker, etc., please contact Bill Nowlin at

  • 1890s Boston Beaneaters
  • 1946 Newark Eagles
  • 1950 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 1972 Texas Rangers
  • 1982 Milwaukee Brewers
  • 1995 Cleveland Indians
  • 25th anniversary of the Colorado Rockies' inaugural season (1993)
  • 50th anniversary of the San Diego Padres' inaugural season (1969)

Last update: November 13, 2017

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