BioProject Group Projects

BioProject Group Projects

The Baseball Biography Project encourages and supports team or region-based group projects (or whatever groupings you might think of).

If you have an idea for a project featuring your team, your part of the world, your area of interest – please contact Bill Nowlin at

Books already published

There have been 34 projects which have been completed and published:

All of these projects resulted in books, which can be found in our SABR Bookstore or at We expect to see a few more books published in the next 12 months.


Projects still seeking biographers (and readers, fact-checkers, etc.)

  •  1950 Philadelphia Phillies (editors: C. Paul Rogers III and Ed Veit). Some biographies have been assigned.
  • 1972 Texas Rangers (editor: Steve West). Some biographies have been assigned. Click here for more details.
  • 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (editor: George Skornickel). Some biographies have been assigned.
  • 1986 New York Mets/Boston Red Sox (editors: Leslie Heaphy and Bill Nowlin). All biographies have been assigned. Expected publication in 2016.
  • 1995 Cleveland Indians (editor: Joseph Wancho). Most biographies have been assigned.
  • Colorado Silver Bullets (editor: Leslie Heaphy). Biographies of players and coaches from the 1990s women's baseball team.
  • Rhode Island Natives (editor: Ray Birch). Chances are, this will be quite a long-range project. Completed biographies are not being embargoed, but are being posted.
  • Quebec Natives (editor: Patrick Carpentier). Still in its initial stages.
  • Puerto Rican Natives (editor: Edwin Fernandez-Cruz). Still in its initial stages.
  • 1946 Newark Eagles (editor: Rich Puerzer). Still in its initial stages.


Collaborative projects with other organizations

  • AAGPBL/SABR collaboration. A bit different than the other projects in that the bios are not intended for print publication, but for posting jointly on the AAGPBL and BioProject websites. Bill Nowlin is the SABR coordinator and Merrie Fidler is the AAGPBL-PA coordinator for the project. Contact either one to sign on. You'll meet some wonderful and interesting ladies, and, if you don't have a subject in mind, Merrie can locate AAGPBL players in, or close to, your state and possibly even in your hometown.

Each of the above collaborations is proceeding incrementally, with the occasional biography being completed.

Last update: January 12, 2016

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