Writing opportunities for SABR members

SABR has published dozens of books and thousands of biographies and game stories, and we will continue to add to the canon of baseball history through the efforts of SABR members. Writing opportunities are abundant and first-time authors are always welcome. Here is some information on our ongoing writing projects and how to become involved.


SABR Baseball Biography Project

The lofty goal of the SABR BioProject is to write a high-quality, journal-length biography of every player who ever played in the major leagues. More than 5,000 biographies have been written by 500-plus SABR members. Your subject can be anyone who ever played in the major leagues and has been retired for at least five years, or any manager, executive, umpire, scout, broadcaster, etc. In fact, we welcome your ideas for any subject who impacted the history of the game — someone from the Negro Leagues, the minor leagues, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, Japan, Cuba, and more.

SABR Games Project

The SABR Baseball Games Project is a new initiative to research and write articles on major-league and Negro League regular, postseason and All-Star Games. These game accounts will complement Retrosheet and Baseball-Reference box scores as well as BioProject essays on the players involved. All games, regardless of their historical significance, are eligible to be written up.

SABR Baseball Ballparks Project

We love ballparks and feel that each one deserves its own biography. Ballparks have a life of their own. Your job, as the ballpark’s biographer, is to cover that life in detail, from birth to death.

SABR Digital Library publications

Biographers, editors, and fact-checkers are needed for our upcoming SABR Digital Library publications. Click here for a list of upcoming book projects that need volunteers.

Team Ownership Histories Project

The SABR Team Ownership Histories Project is a joint effort of SABR’s Business of Baseball Committee and the BioProject. The intention is to provide as much detail as possible about the organization and composition of ownership groups, franchise sales, relocations, stadiums, and other issues that provide the financial context for team success on the field. In addition to major-league teams, the project has been expanded to include teams from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, the Negro Leagues, and the Federal League, as well as defunct 19th-century teams from the American Association, National Association, National League, and Union Association.


2019 SABR journals

Want to contribute to a SABR flagship publication such as the Baseball Research Journal or The National Pastime?

Click here to learn more about submitting an article to our peer-reviewed journals.