Diane MacLennan

Diane MacLennan was a SABR member for one hour when she got the assignment to write for the 1967 Red Sox book. A Boston native who adores the Red Sox as well as every aspect of the game, her first memory of baseball was in 1967 when she heard Norm Crosby singing the “Carl Yastrzemski” song. She would often walk around with a small portable radio as a kid just to listen to the games. Baseball heroes include Dwight Evans, Dennis Eckersley, Jackie Robinson, and Branch Rickey. Diane has a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Berklee College of Music, a Master’s Degree in Arts Administrations from Boston University and is finishing up her Paralegal studies as Boston University. She lives in Somerville with her new husband Duane and has two wonderful daughters who also love baseball.

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