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SABR 52: Research Presentations

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  • Mark Armour, “The One Millionth Run”
  • Zach Binkley, “Using Simulation Technology to Enhance Baseball Analytical Knowledge in Higher Education Sport Management Courses”
  • John Bauer, “Comiskey in St. Paul and the Road to the American League”
  • John J. Burbridge Jr., “The Northern League and the Rebirth of Independent Baseball”
  • Alan Cohen, “Josh Gibson Achieves Great Home Run Feats – 1930-1946”
  • George M. DeMarco Jr., “Arête and Agon in the Life and Legacy of Major League Umpire Bill Kinnamon: The Man for Whom the Game Always Mattered Most”
  • Ed Denta, “A Geek’s Peek at Streaks”
  • Vince Guerrieri, “Ten-Cent Beer Night: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”
  • Chuck Hildebrandt, “Peak Minors: 1949”
  • Alan Holst, “Rose-Colored Glasses and Foggy Lenses: Looking at Hall of Fame Voting by the BBWAA”
  • Matt Jacob, “When the Wealthiest Arm in Baseball Belonged to Satchel Paige”
  • Michael Kane, “Is It Authentic?”
  • Maxwell Kates, “The Mayor Was A Salesman: Charles Bronfman and the Montreal Expos, 1969 to 1990”
  • Herm Krabbenhoft, “The Pitcher’s Cycle — Definition and Achievers (1893-2023)”
  • Steve Krevisky, “Why Jim Kaat Would Have Been the 1966 AL Cy Young Award Winner (Had It Existed)”
  • Allison Levin, “Gender Work: The Evolution of WAGs From Support System to Celebrity Influencer”
  • Dan Levitt, “John McGraw’s Florida Land Investment Fiasco”
  • Joe Marren, “Baseball and the Communist Press”
  • Barry Mednick, “Bonnie Serrell Goes to Mexico”
  • John W. Miller, “Town to Travel: A History of Youth Baseball”
  • Yeon Woo Oh and Kum Kang Lee, “Assessment of the Last At-Bat in Situations Where the Winning Run Scores Before the Batter Reaches First Base”
  • Mark Panuthos, “Smokers and Saints: The Florida State League and Tampa Bay’s Long Forgotten First Professional Baseball Teams, 1919-1926”
  • Matthew Prigge, “The “Baseball Card .300” Hitter: An Endangered Species”
  • Anthony Salazar, “Building WPA Ballparks, 1934-1940”
  • David Simmons, “Harry Simmons: ‘So You Think You Know Baseball!’ “
  • Don Slavik, “A Hit Model from the MLB 2023 Season: Are the Things They Call Groundballs Still Outs?”
  • David W. Smith, “Where Did the 24 Minutes Go?”
  • Rick Solomon, “Ron Guidry When Billy Martin Managed vs. Someone Else Manages”
  • Danny Spewak, “Cardinal Dreams: The Legacy of Charlie Peete and a Life Cut Short”
  • Steve Steinberg, “Mike Donlin, 1907: Will He or Won’t He?”
  • Neal D. Traven, “The Position, the Whole Position, and Nothing But the Position”
  • Steve Treder, “The Giants, the A’s, and Silicon Valley”

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