SABR Overlooked 19th Century Base Ball Legends

Each year, SABR's Nineteenth Century Research Committee selects its Overlooked 19th Century Base Ball Legend — a 19th century player, manager, executive or other baseball personality not yet inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Committee members vote to narrow down the ballot to 10 finalists, then all SABR members are eligible to cast a vote for the winner. The winner is announced at the Nineteenth Century Committee's annual meeting at the SABR convention.

The preliminary voting process, which we call the Overlooked Legends Primary Election, consisted of each voter selecting 10 names from the list of 25 candidates. The top 10 was presented to the SABR membership in the spring of 2019, when all members voted in the final election. The winner was announced at the SABR 49 convention in San Diego.

Here are the previous Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legends:

Pioneer Profiles: Click here to learn more about our new Pioneer Profiles, which will honor 19th-century figures who made non-playing and other contributions to the game. 

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