A History of SABR

As we entered the 21st century, SABR published its first organizational history: a Turner Publishing Co. book simply titled Society for American Baseball Research. The 112-page book, which debuted in 2000, also included special stories, essays and articles by SABR members; and biographical sketches of members. The book carried a $52.50 price tag (plus $5 for shipping), which might account for its scarcity today.

For our 40th anniversary in 2011, we updated that SABR history book to reflect the ensuing decade — and also made it much easier to find. Tom Hufford, one of the organization's 16 founding members, took Dick Thompson's original "A History of SABR" text and added more details as SABR has grown over the last 11 years. It was edited by Gary Gillette, Bill Nowlin and Jacob Pomrenke.

Much of what you'll read in the chapters below first appeared in Society for American Baseball Research in 2000.

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1. A History of SABR

2. The Elected Officials

3. The Membership Directory

4. The SABR Salute

5. National Conventions

6. Original Research Committees

7. Other Committees

8. The Baseball Research Journal

9. The National Pastime

10. Other Society Publications

11. Publications Director

12. SABR Surveys

13. Society Services

14. Preservation of Baseball Research Material

15. Philanthropy

16. Regional Chapters

17. SABR Online

18. The Growth of the Society

19. Public Relations

20. Executive Director

21. SABR Awards

22. Conclusion/Bibliography


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