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This Date in Baseball History, a day-by-day listing of significant baseball events from April 1 to October 31, came off the presses on April 30, 1976. This was reprinted in 1982. The American League office soon began distributing items from this work to its clubs and crediting the Society. Joe Garagiola quoted from it on NBC baseball games.

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Minor League Stars was published in July 1978 and handed out to members at the 1978 National Convention. It contained the records of 170 players and had been in the development and research stage since its initial proposal at the Society's founding meeting in 1971. Delays resulted from the "unrecognized enormity of the task." Twenty-two Society members were listed as contributors with Bob Hoie and Ray Nemec credited with producing the lion's share of the load. Five-hundred copies had been sold by October and an additional 1,000 copies were quickly ordered from the printer.

Minor League Stars Volume II was published in 1985 and contained records of 180 players and twenty managers. Minor League Stars Volume III was published in 1992 and contained records of 253 players. Baseball America printed The Minor League Register in 1994. It was edited by Lloyd Johnson and combined the three original works with more original research.

The Society printed Great Hitting Pitchers in December of 1979. It was a "detailed historical account of the outstanding game, season and career records of pitchers as batters since 1876." Bob Davids was the editor and Bob McConnell, Cliff Kachline, Ron Liebman, Ray Gonzalez, Pete Palmer, John Tattersall, Paul Greenwell, and Al Kermisch were listed as contributors.

A hardcover anthology of the Society's Baseball Research Journal was published in 1983 by Scribners, called Insider's Baseball: The Finer Points of the Game, as Examined by the Society for American Baseball Research. It was edited by Bob Davids and contained 49 articles selected from the Society's past publications. Bill James wrote the foreword. It was 274 pages in length and cost $14.95.

In 1986, SABR published the 26-page monograph Baseball in the Nineteenth Century: An Overview by Jack Selzer, and Green Cathedrals by Phil Lowry, an in-depth look at the history of baseball parks. Lowry's work was 157 pages long, and was printed in the same format as The National Pastime and The Baseball Research Journal. He compiled the project over a seven-year span and acknowledged 45 Society members who helped him in his work. Lowry also mentioned that he received 2,316 letters from various sources while preparing the work.

The May 1987 SABR Bulletin announced that the Society had closed a deal with Warner Books to print an anthology of articles from The National Pastime. The deal, negotiated by John Thorn, netted the Society $10,000. Warner eventually published a rack-sized paperback and then licensed the publication rights to Bell Publishing which issued a hardcover edition of the same book.

In 1987 the Society published The Baseball Research Handbook by Gerald Tomlinson as an aid to SABR researchers.

Bill Deane's Award Voting was published in 1988. It is a history of the Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, and Cy Young Awards.

The Society published Nineteenth Century Stars, edited by Bob Tiemann and Mark Rucker, in 1989. It contained short biographies on 137 pre-1900 players, written by over 30 Society members. A second volume, Baseball's First Stars, was published in 1996, edited by Tiemann, Rucker, and Fred Ivor-Campbell. Forty-nine Society members contributed 153 biographies.

Also in 1989, the Society published Marc Okkonen's Federal League of 1914-1915, Baseball's Third Major League in 1989. The 64-page book included pictures, rosters, uniforms, and various diagrams and statistics as they related to the Federal League.

Cooperstown Corner, the best of Lee Allen's Sporting News columns from the 1960s, was published in 1990 with an introduction by Society member Steve Gietschier, Director of Historical Records at The Sporting News.

Run, Rabbit, Run was published in 1991. Shortly before his death in 1954, Rabbit Maranville had started work on his autobiography. It was a project he never completed. Dallas and Ralph Graber rescued the unfinished manuscript from a memorabilia dealer and Society Publication Directors Paul Adomites and John Holway, along with Publications Committee member A.D. Suehsdorf, saw it to the finish. The book was 96 pages long.

In 1994 the Society published The Negro Leagues Book. At 382 pages it became the Society's largest publishing effort to date. Aptly described as "a monumental work from the Negro Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research," it contained extensive research on Negro league rosters, standings, and biographies. It also included a comprehensive bibliography.

In 1995 the Society published Home Runs in the Old Ballparks, a 47-page booklet by David Vincent, using material from the Tattersall-McConnell Home Run Log. In 1998, SABR published Addie Joss, King of the Pitchers, by Scott Longert, and followed it in 1999 with Uncle Robbie, a biography of Wilbert Robinson by Jack Kavanagh and Norman Macht.

In September 1999, the board approved a proposal from Turner Publishing to publish a SABR history book. The 112-page book, which debuted in 2000, included the history of SABR, special stories, essays, and articles by SABR members, and biographical sketches of members. The book carried a $52.50 price tag (plus $5 for shipping), which might account for its scarcity today. Much of the report you're reading now first appeared in the SABR history book in 2000.

In 2000, four publications were delivered to members: Lefty Grove: An American Original, by Jim Kaplan; The National Pastime; Baseball Research Journal; and How to Do Baseball Research. Another book, Green Mountain Boys of Summer: Vermonters in the Major Leagues 1882-1993 was published in 2000. While not a SABR member-benefit publication, this effort, spearheaded by Tom Simon, featured biographies of 34 Vermont-born players, written by 24 members of the Larry Gardner (Vermont) Chapter of SABR. This book became the model for numerous other “team” or “locality” books produced by other SABR chapters over the years, such as Houston Baseball: The Early Years, 1861-1961, produced by the Larry Dierker/Houston Chapter in 2014, and 100: The 100 Year Journey of a Baseball Journeyman, Mike Sandlock, produced by the Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter in 2016.

In the 21st century, the SABR Digital Library program began offering free e-books and discounted paperback editions of original books. Since 2001, members have received the following publications as part of their membership benefit.


  • Memories of a Ballplayer: Bill Werber in the 1930s
  • The National Pastime #21
  • Baseball Research Journal #30
  • Batting (reprint), by F.C. Lane
  • Baseball in the Badger State – Convention publication


  • The National Pastime #22
  • Baseball Research Journal #31
  • The Northern Game and Beyond – Convention publication
  • The Best of By the Numbers


  • The National Pastime #22
  • Baseball Research Journal #32
  • The SABR Guide to Minor League Statistics (pre-order, only)
  • The Denver Post Tournament – Convention publication
  • Above the Fruited Plain – Convention publication


  • The Fenway Project
  • The National Pastime #23
  • Deadball Stars of the National League
  • Baseball Research Journal #33
  • Baseball in the Buckeye State – Convention Publication
  • Road Trips - Best of the Convention Publications


  • The National Pastime #24
  • Baseball Research Journal #34
  • Dominionball – Convention Publication


  • Deadball Stars of the American League
  • The National Pastime #25
  • Baseball Research Journal #35
  • Rain Check – Convention Publication
  • Green Cathedrals


  • The National Pastime #26
  • Baseball Research Journal #36
  • Mound City Memories – Convention Publication
  • The SABR Baseball List & Record Book


  • The National Pastime #27
  • Baseball Research Journal #37
  • Batting Four Thousand – Convention Publication


  • The National Pastime: Monumental Baseball - convention journal
  • Baseball Research Journal, Summer 2009
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2009
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2009


  • The National Pastime: Baseball in the Peach State
  • Baseball Research Journal, Summer 2010
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2010
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2010


  • The National Pastime: Endless Seasons, Baseball in Southern California
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2011  
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2011 
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2011
  • Can He Play? A Look At Baseball Scouts And Their Profession (e-book)


  • Run, Rabbit, Run: The Hilarious and Mostly True Tales of Rabbit Maranville (e-book)
  • Great Hitting Pitchers (updated for 2012) 
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2012
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2012
  • The National Pastime: Short But Wondrous Summers, Baseball in the North Star State
  • Opening Fenway Park With Style: The 1912 World Champion Red Sox
  • Nineteenth Century Stars (reprinted as e-book)
  • Red Sox Baseball in the Days of Ike and Elvis: The Red Sox of the 1950s
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2012
  • Detroit Tigers 1984: What A Start! What A Finish!


  • Batting, by F.C. Lane (reprinted as e-book)
  • Memories of a Ballplayer: Bill Werber and Baseball in the 1930s (reprinted as e-book)
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2013
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2013
  • The National Pastime: From Swampoodle to South Philly, Baseball in Philadelphia
  • Sweet '60: The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Inventing Baseball: The 100 Greatest Games of the 19th Century
  • The Year of the Blue Snow: The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies
  • The Fenway Project (reprinted as e-book)
  • New Century, New Team: The 1901 Boston Americans
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2013


  • The Miracle Braves of 1914
  • Base-Ball: How to Become a Player, by John Montgomery Ward (reprinted as e-book)
  • The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2014
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2014
  • Thar's Joy in Braveland: The 1957 Milwaukee Braves
  • Baseball: The Fan's Game, by Mickey Cochrane (reprinted as e-book)
  • The National Pastime: Baseball in the Space Age
  • Houston Baseball: The Early Years, 1861-1961 (produced by the Larry Dierker Chapter)
  • The 1934 St. Louis Cardinals: The World Champion Gas House Gang 
  • Van Lingle Mungo: The Man, The Song, The Players
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2014
  • The National Pastime: Premiere Issue (Replica Edition)
  • Detroit the Unconquerable: The 1935 Detroit Tigers


  • Winning on the North Side: The 1929 Chicago Cubs
  • Who's On First: Replacement Players in World War II
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2015
  • '75: The Red Sox Team: That Saved Baseball
  • Calling the Game: Baseball Broadcasting From 1920 to the Present
  • Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox
  • The National Pastime: Baseball in Chicago
  • Braves Field: Memorable Moments at Boston's Lost Diamond
  • Mustaches and Mayhem: Charlie O's Three-Time Champions: The 1972-74 Oakland A's
  • A Pennant for the Twin Cities: The 1965 Minnesota Twins
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2015
  • The Team That Time Won't Forget: The 1951 New York Giants


  • Nuclear Powered Baseball: Articles Inspired by The Simpsons Episode "Homer At the Bat"
  • The 1986 New York Mets: There Was More Than Game Six
  • The 1986 Boston Red Sox: There Was More Than Game Six
  • 100: The 100 Year Journey of a Baseball Journeyman, Mike Sandlock (produced by the Smoky Joe Wood Chapter)
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2016
  • Au jeu/Play Ball: The 50 Greatest Games in the History of the Montreal Expos
  • Tigers by the Tale: Great Games at Michigan & Trumbull
  • From the Braves to the Brewers: Great Games and Exciting History at Milwaukee’s County Stadium
  • Cuban Baseball Legends: Baseball's Alternative Universe
  • Leyendas del Béisbol Cubano: El Universo Alternativo del Béisbol (en Español)
  • The National Pastime: Baseball in the Sunshine State
  • Boston’s First Nine: The 1871-75 Boston Red Stockings
  • When Pops Led the Family: The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2016
  • Baseball's Business: The Winter Meetings: 1901-1957


  • Overcoming Adversity: Baseball's Tony Conigliaro Award
  • Dome Sweet Dome: History and Highlights from 35 Years of the Houston Astrodome
  • The SABR Book on Umpires and Umpiring
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2017
  • The 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox: Pandemonium on the Field
  • Puerto Rico and Baseball: 60 Biographies
  • The National Pastime: New York, New York: Baseball in the Big Apple
  • Bittersweet Goodbye: The Black Barons, the Grays, and the 1948 Negro League World Series
  • 20-Game Losers
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2017
  • Sportsman's Park in St. Louis
  • Baseball's Business: The Winter Meetings: 1958-2016


  • The Whiz Kids Take the Pennant: The 1950 Philadelphia Phillies
  • From Spring Training to Screen Test: Baseball Players Turned Actors
  • Moments of Joy and Heartbreak: 66 Significant Episodes in the History of the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2018
  • Major League Baseball A Mile High: The First Quarter Century of the Colorado Rockies
  • Cincinnati’s Crosley Field: A Gem in the Queen City
  • The National Pastime: Steel City Stories
  • Met-rospectives: A Collection of the Greatest Games in New York Mets History
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2018
  • Time for Expansion Baseball
  • Base Ball's 19th Century “Winter” Meetings, 1857-1900


  • 1995 Cleveland Indians: The Sleeping Giant Awakes
  • The Team that Couldn’t Hit: The 1972 Texas Rangers
  • Jeff Bagwell in Connecticut: A Consistent Lad in the Land of Steady Habits
  • Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2019
  • Wrigley Field: The Friendly Confines at Clark and Addison
  • San Diego Padres: The First Half Century
  • Kansas City Royals: A Royal Tradition
  • The National Pastime: Pacific Ghosts
  • The Newark Eagles Take Flight: The Story of the 1946 Negro League Champions
  • Go-Go to Glory: The 1959 Chicago White Sox
  • The Base Ball Palace of the World: Comiskey Park
  • The Babe
  • Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2019
  • The Glorious Beaneaters of the 1890s

(updated through 2019)


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