David Nemec

SABR BioProject biographies written by David Nemec

  • Bill Eagan
  • Bill Kuehne
  • Billy Earle
  • Bob Wood
  • Brickyard Kennedy
  • Buck Ewing
  • Ed Andrews
  • Frank Ringo
  • Fred Taylor
  • Gene DeMontreville
  • Hal O’Hagan
  • Harley McNeal
  • Harvey Smith
  • Henry C. Schafer
  • Jack Clements

SABR Games Project stories written by David Nemec

  • October 4, 1884: Sam Kimber’s one-of-a-kind no-hitter

SABR Journal Articles written by David Nemec

  • Erve Beck: The Prince of Forgotten Firsts
  • The Best Shortened-Season Hitting Performance in Major League History

SABR Research Topics written by David Nemec 

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SABR Research Articles written by David Nemec 

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