Wynn Montgomery

Wynn Montgomery is a retired bureaucrat and educator and a recovering workaholic. He has been a SABR member since 1983. As a member of the Magnolia Chapter in Atlanta, Wynn served as co-editor of SABR’s 2010 Atlanta convention journal. Upon moving to Colorado in 2011, he joined the Rocky Mountain Chapter has become a Rockies fan while continuing to follow the Braves from afar. His baseball interests include the art and history of the game, minor league and college baseball, and the Negro Leagues. With two other SABRites, he takes an annual “B-4” Road Trip that feeds his passion for Baseball, Battlefields (mostly Civil War), Burial Grounds (historic cemeteries), and Barbeque. He has seen every major-league team play a home game and has visited more than 100 minor-league and college ballparks.


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