SABR 41: Philadelphia Chosen as 2013 SABR Convention Site

LIVE FROM LONG BEACH — The SABR Board of Directors has awarded the 2013 national convention to the city of Philadelphia.

The 2013 convention will be SABR’s 43rd annual gathering; the organization’s founding in Cooperstown in 1971 is counted as the first.

The other finalists for the 43rd annual SABR convention were Houston and New York; the Board supported Houston as a strong candidate for the 2014 convention.

SABR last held its convention in Philadelphia in June 1974 — the fourth annual meeting. Legendary sports writer Fred Lieb, one of the earliest SABR members, was the featured speaker. Other guest speakers included Phillies and Reds announcer Gene Kelley and former Negro Leagues player Ted Page.

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— Jacob Pomrenke

Originally published: July 9, 2011. Last Updated: April 17, 2020.