SABR 41: Top Tweets From Long Beach

LONG BEACH — As part of our ongoing coverage from SABR 41 last week in Long Beach, we set up a Twitter widget on the home page by which convention attendees could post live updates from every presentation, panel and ballgame.

Here are some of the top tweets from SABR 41:

  • @aarongleeman: Final verdict on #SABR41  in California: Any of y’all who don’t come to #SABR42 in Minnesota next year ought to be ashamed of yourself.
  • @robneyer: In a room filled with Baseball Primates. If you don’t see another Tweet from me by Monday, please send help. #SABR41
  • @DanEvans108: Had good time today at SABR41 convention in Long Beach; GM panel member with Fred Claire & Jed Hoyer. #SABR41
  • @aarongleeman: “Your Rally Monkey is getting in my beer.” – @cwyers #SABR41
  • @wezen_ball: Talking regrettable trades, Dan Evans tells us about regretfully trading for Todd Hundle. Fred Claire 10-ups him w/Pedro trade #sabr41
  • @ducksnorts: Fascinating presentation at #SABR41 on whether veterans get breaks from umpires. Older pitchers get more false strike calls.
  • @bobtimmermann: At the site of the old Wrigley Field for #sabr41
  • @baseball_ref: Free B-R t shirts in vendor room at #Sabr41
  • @buckweaver: Yes, that would be our Black Sox committee meeting in the lede of this LAT article on #SABR41 today:
  • @robneyer: I think I prefer this new, crowd-free version of Dodger Stadium. #sabr41
  • @gmartinez51: Dodger Stadium is very nice. Going to be a great evening of baseball with my #SABR41 buddies. Bought a nice Valenzuela jersey/t-shirt.
  • @BarryID: Funniest line at #SABR41 — Speaker: what can I add to this meeting? Wife: 30 minutes. Fact: It was 45 including a magic trick. Fun.
  • @MWEinNC: #SABR41 Giacalone: To be able to pitch through the arthritis in his elbow Koufax junked his entire repertoire except for FB and curve.
  • @gmartinez51: J. Thorn: When will we have a woman baseball player? No reason they can’t play competitive baseball. #SABR41 I agree!
  • @PatrickSull: You’re not gonna believe this, but @d_a_cameron isn’t really holding back at #sabr41 on the Fangraphs panel.
  • @joedimino: About to go to In-n-Out burger for the first time. Am I going to be harassed for not wanting the sauce? #SABR41
  • @merknits: Had dinner with MLB’s VP of Stats. Fun guy, predilection for Hawaiian shirts. #SABR41 is proving even cooler than I expected. 🙂
  • @crzblue: Impromptu session outside the corridor when #SABR41 attendees stopped Wes Parker to chat. He still talking ! Have some in video @Dodgers
  • @sean_forman: Why is @OldHossRadbourn busting on #SABR41. Does he realize people only know of him because of SABR members?
  • @SBarzilla: Sold two books so far. I can now afford dinner. #SABR41
  • @braggers41: Stat wizard John Dewan crushing it at #SABR41 panel. Seconds Rich Lederer’s nomination of Bill James for the Hall of Fame. I third it.

Thanks to all the convention attendees who helped us let the world know what was going on during SABR 41! We hope you’ll join us next summer for SABR 42 in Minneapolis.

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— Jacob Pomrenke

Originally published: July 14, 2011. Last Updated: July 27, 2020.