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Welcome to the Baseball Games Project!

The SABR Baseball Games Project is an initiative formed in 2014 to research, write, and publish accounts of major-league regular season, postseason, and All-Star Games, along with other games of historical significance such as in the Negro Leagues, minor leagues, or international or exhibition contests. These game accounts complement Retrosheet and Baseball-Reference box scores, as well as SABR BioProject essays on the players involved.

Games Project articles are not mere play-by-play summaries, nor should they be first-person narratives. Rather, the goal is to put each game in historical context — whether that history is of a particular player, team, season, or something even broader.

These accounts should draw on quotes from participants, newspaper articles, or other sources to “put the reader in the game.” Accounts can and do cover the range of significance, such as Jackie Robinson’s MLB debut, the Cincinnati Red Stockings' first defeat in 1870, Al Capone’s visit to Comiskey Park, or Tippy Martinez picking off three baserunners in one inning. 

Articles should be concise, ranging from 1,000 words to a maximum of 1,500 words. All author guidelines applicable to SABR articles, along with the SABR Style Guide, will apply to the SABR Games Project.

One must be a member of SABR to write an article for this project. (To join SABR, click here.) All articles will be peer-reviewed for style and accuracy. They will be considered works in progress and updated as new points of knowledge are uncovered or errors discovered. All accounts on this site are the joint intellectual property of SABR and the author, covered by the Contributor's Release Form.


  • Mike Huber: for more information about the project and to submit an article draft
  • Steve Weiner: to request an assignment, ensuring you aren't requesting a game that's already been written
  • Len Levin or Laura Peebles: for questions about the writing/editing process
  • Bruce Slutsky: if you would like to contribute as an editor/fact-checker
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