Matthew Clifford

Matthew Clifford is a freelance writer from the suburbs of Chicago. He joined SABR in 2011 to enhance his research abilities and help preserve accurate facts of baseball history. His background in law enforcement and forensic investigative techniques aid him with historical research and data collection. He has reported several baseball card errors and inaccuracies of player history to SABR and the research department of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He also writes for SABR’s BioProject.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Matthew Clifford

  • Don Wilson
  • Jim Bivin
  • Larry Woodall
  • Rollie Stiles
  • Si Johnson
  • Syl Johnson

SABR Games Project stories written by Matthew Clifford

  • May 29, 1925: Syl Johnson, Bibb Falk, and the line drive that changed history

SABR Journal Articles written by Matthew Clifford

  • Guy Bush: That Guy From Pittsburgh
  • Fanatic Fatality: One of the Most Violent Baseball Arguments In History
  • Silas K. Johnson: An Illinois Farm Boy Who Made Baseball History
  • Bibb Falk: The Only Jockey in the Majors
  • Don Wilson: Houston’s Fallen Star
  • A Phil Named Syl

SABR Research Topics written by Matthew Clifford 

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SABR Research Articles written by Matthew Clifford 

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SABR Ballparks written by Matthew Clifford 

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