Pete Palmer

Pete Palmer is the co-author with John Thorn of The Hidden Game of Baseball and co-editor with Gary Gillette of the Barnes and Noble ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia (five editions). Pete worked as a consultant to Sports Information Center, the official statisticans for the American League from 1976 to 1987. Pete introduced on-base average as an official statistic for the American League in 1979 and invented on-base plus slugging (OPS), now universally used as a good measure of batting strength. He won the SABR Bob Davids Award in 1989 and was selected by SABR in 2010 as a winner of the inaugural Henry Chadwick Award and in 2018 for the SABR Analytics Conference Lifetime Achievement Award. Pete also edited with John Thorn seven editions of Total Baseball. He previously edited four editions of the Barnes Official Encyclopedia of Baseball (1974–79). A member of SABR since 1973, Pete is also the editor of Who’s Who in Baseball, which celebrated its 101st year in 2016.


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