Charles F. Faber

Charles F. Faber (1926-2016) was a distinguished professor, author, and historian, and a prolific contributor to the SABR BioProject, writing with elegance and insight on such varied subjects as Joe Morgan and Ozzie Smith to Jack Quinn and Burleigh Grimes to Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico. He served as lead editor on the 2014 SABR publication, The 1934 St. Louis Cardinals: The World Champion Gas House Gang, and also authored several books, including Hunt for a Reds October: Cincinnati 1990, co-authored with his grandson, Zachariah Webb.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Charles F. Faber

  • Aaron Burt Champion
  • Allen Russell
  • Allen Sothoron
  • Amos Rusie
  • Andy Leonard
  • Bert Whaling
  • Bill Henry
  • Bill Rariden
  • Billy Myers
  • Bob Caruthers
  • Burleigh Grimes
  • Buzzy Wares
  • Cal McVey
  • Carlos Bernier
  • Charlie Deal

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