Malcolm Allen

Baltimore born Malcolm Allen, a loyal Orioles fan and former Memorial Stadium usher, lives with his wife Sara and daughter Ruth in Brooklyn, NY. He’s spent most of the last two decades distributing Jamaican music all over the globe, and is currently focused on a book about Joaquin Andujar, as well as the 1970 Orioles team book through Bio Project. He is the Associate Editor of La Prensa del Beisbol Latino, the quarterly newsletter of SABR’s Latino Baseball committee.

SABR BioProject biographies written by Malcolm Allen

  • Amado Samuel
  • Barney McFadden
  • Bobby Bonner
  • Chuck Diering
  • Connie McGeehan
  • Curt Motton
  • Dan McGeehan
  • Dan Morogiello
  • Dave Criscione
  • Dick Kryhoski
  • Don Baylor
  • Don Werner
  • Eddie Watt
  • Floyd Rayford
  • George Staller

SABR Games Project stories written by Malcolm Allen

  • April 6, 1973: Don Baylor whacks 4 extra-base hits to lead Orioles’ Opening Day rout

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SABR Research Articles written by Malcolm Allen 

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