Mark Simon

Mark Simon is a senior research specialist for Sports Info Solutions. He is also a contributor to The Athletic and multiple SABR publications, including the Baseball Research Journal and books on the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals, 1969 New York Mets, and 1986 Mets and Red Sox. Previously, he was a digital publishing specialist for ESPN Stats & Information from 2002-18.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Mark Simon

  • Bobby Pfeil
  • Danny Heep
  • Jerry Buchek
  • Jim Golden
  • Rodney McCray

SABR Games Project stories written by Mark Simon

  • May 2, 1987: Tim Raines makes a grand return to Expos

SABR Journal Articles written by Mark Simon

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SABR Research Topics written by Mark Simon 

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SABR Research Articles written by Mark Simon 

  • From Their Lips to Your Ears: Voices of the Game and How They Do It

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