How to Do Baseball Research: Updates

This update covers what will presumably be the largest update this site will ever see — its first. It has been 12 years since the Guide's predecessor, How to Do Baseball Research, was published, so calling this an "update" seems almost facetious.

But it is an update, just as the previous book was an update of 1987's Baseball Research Handbook. So here is a brief summary of the changes you can expect to see. This update lists six new articles, 12 articles revised or expanded from previous versions, and 10 articles removed.

New articles

These articles did not appear in the previous book at all, and are seen here for the first time. Many refer to resources that did not exist (or barely existed) a decade ago.

Updated, revisied, and expanded

Most of the articles on the site are updates or expansions of articles that appeared in the book (and although this site does not use bylines, many of these updates were done by the original authors). Predecessors and current versions are:

Articles removed

Some of the articles in How to Do Baseball Research are not here at all. These are not necessarily gone forever - some may return later, once they have been updated. They are:

  • "Well, You'll Want To..."
  • "Sabermetrics"
  • "Writing for the Web"
  • "Researching the Nineteenth Century"
  • "Checking the Facts"
  • "Researching Baseball Photographs"
  • "Writing for SABR"
  • "Research on Ballparks"
  • "Preparing the Manuscript for Publication"
  • "U.K./Europe: Research and Resources"
  • "Traveling Essentials"


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