1951 New York Giants essays

  • 1951 Giants: Foreword By Monte Irvin

    A foreword to our 1951 New York Giants book by Hall of Famer Monte Irvin.

  • The Integration of the New York Giants By Rick Swaine

    On July 8, 1949, the New York Giants became the fourth major-league team to put a black player on the field when Hank Thompson started at second base and Monte Irvin pinch-hit in the eighth inning against the Brooklyn Dodgers. All of the five black players who would play in the National League that year (Thompson, Irvin, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, and Don Newcombe) appeared in that game. It was the first time more than three black players appeared in the same major-league contest.

  • 1951 Giants: At the Broadcast Summit By Curt Smith

    We still recall the Shot Heard ’Round the World: Russ Hodges five times crying, “The Giants win the pennant!” Yet his artistry was only part of New York’s midcentury broadcast canvas. Never before, or since, have so many grand Voices of the Game etched baseball in one place, at one time, as the Big Apple in 1951.

  • Key Sportswriters Who Covered the 1951 Baseball Season By Bo Carter

    While the 1951 pennant race was raging between the Dodgers and Giants, dozens of writers and broadcasters covered the dramatic proceedings and turned out classic prose and award-winning broadcasts.

  • Focus on the Giants’ Cheating Scandal of 1951 By James E. Elfers

    Today a specter hangs over the Giants’ miraculous 1951 season. Their incredible end-of-season heroics are now clouded. Though rumored at the time, it was not revealed as fact until a half-century later: The Giants had been stealing the opposing team’s catcher’s signs. But did the Giants truly benefit from their system? Did the Giants in fact ‘steal’ the pennant?

  • Did Sign Stealing Make A Major Difference in the 1951 Pennant Race? By David W. Smith

    The end of the 1951 National League pennant race is legendary and well known even to casual baseball fans. The New York Giants overcame a deficit of 13½ games in mid-August to tie the Brooklyn Dodgers. But did an elaborate sign-stealing scheme for home games at the Polo Grounds help them do it?

  • 1951 Giants: Fortune smiled on Bobby Thomson's lucky glove By Joe Phillips

    As Bobby Thomson rounded the bases on his famous pennant-winning home run, New York Giants manager Leo Durocher stopped to pick up his glove near the third-base coaching box before heading to join the celebration.

  • 1951 Giants in the All-Star Game By Lyle Spatz

    Shortstop Alvin Dark was the only Giants starter for the NL All-Stars, which set an All-Star Game record with four home runs. 

  • The 1951 World Series By Mark S. Sternman

    A summary of the 1951 World Series, won by the New York Yankees in six games over the New York Giants.

  • 1951 Giants: Award recognition By Lyle Spatz

    Willie Mays won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 1951, but some other New York Giants deserved recognition, as well. 

  • 1951 Giants: The Shot's Long Shadow By David Lippman

    Russ Hodges gave glory to Bobby Thomson's famous home run. Red Barber, the Brooklyn Dodgers broadcaster, put it in proper perspective. Fifty years later, as we celebrated the home run amid the aftershocks of 9/11, there was value in both broadcasts.