Marc Z. Aaron

Marc Z. Aaron is a born and bred Yankee fan living in New England. As a CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst in private practice, Marc writes more financial reports than he does baseball articles. A former little league coach (with four sons), he now manages teams in three different APBA leagues. His first love, however, is tennis. He is a competitive tournament player and has been ranked in New England by the USTA.

SABR BioProject biographies written by Marc Z. Aaron

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  • Don Mincher
  • Gus Zernial
  • Joe Buzas
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SABR Games Project stories written by Marc Z. Aaron

  • June 4, 1964: Sandy Koufax ‘puts everything together’ in third career no-hitter
  • May 11, 1963: Sandy Koufax throws second no-hitter to beat Marichal, Giants
  • June 30, 1962: Sandy Koufax hurls first career no-hitter against Mets

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SABR Research Articles written by Marc Z. Aaron 

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